Biertoifel – Unsere Strassen, Unsere Lieder

Laketown Records

Biertoifel are beer-loving 4-piece from Germany who formed in 2015 and have recently released their cracking debut album ‘Unsere Srassen, Unsere Lieder’ which translates to ‘Our Streets, Our Songs’ and is out now through Laketown Records.  It may have taken the band 5 years to release this debut but then I think it’s well worth the wait.

The album has 14 tracks, 2 of which are in English and comes in at a staggering 52 minutes which is unusual for this type of music. That being said, it doesn’t feel that long and makes for an enjoyable listen. The songs are played at a relatively fast pace and are packed full of aggression while keeping a melodic edge.

The band may not be breaking any boundaries with their sound but what they do they do well and if you like German street punk than this is well worth a listen. Biertoifel have delivered an album with many highlights including the title track, ‘Aussenseiter’ ‘Punkrock Hooligan’, ‘100% Hass’ and ‘Punk Rock Love Affair’. For me though the best track on ‘Unsere Strassen, Unsere Lieder’ is the final track ‘Street-Punk Skinhead Crew’, a cracking anthem sung in English and brings this debut to a close brilliantly.

This album may not be for everyone due to the length and the fact that it’s mostly sung in German, but I would recommend that you give it a listen. All in all, this is a good effort and will be enjoying it for some time to come.