Concrete Elite – Absolute Guard

Rebellion Records & Oi! The Boat Records

The Texan Juggernauts, Concrete Elite are back with maximum force on brand new E.P ‘Absolute Guard’ which is out now through Rebellion Records and Oi! The Boat Records. Following up last year’s excellent ‘The Survival’ the Austin based 5-piece have upped their game yet again with the 5 killer tracks on ‘Absolute Guard’ which is guaranteed to burst your eardrums. What I love about Concrete Elite’s previous releases is the brutality of the music whilst still remaining catchy and melodic and the tracks the band have given us here are no different.

First up is ‘Maximum Force’, a killer melodic anthem with some great riffs and a vocals that are performed brilliantly by Manny and is my favourite song on the E.P. ‘Outsiders’ is next up, a 2 minute sing-along gem which leads perfectly to the sublime ‘Death Comes Knocking’, another killer song that you can just sing along to and shows again that this band are at the very top of their game. With 3 tracks down I just can’t get enough of the band’s incredible sound and then they give us ‘Knife Edge’, a track full of short, sharp riffs and is up their with any of the songs from their back catalogue. ‘Absolute Guard’ comes to a close with ‘2,000 Tons’ and what a song to end on. At nearly 4 minutes long it’s by far the longest track on the E.P but is an absolute joy to listen to and love everything about it including the faded ending which just leaves you longing for more.

Once again Concrete Elite have delivered a killer record from start to finish showing us they are one of the best bands around. If you like you Oi! on the heavy side then you need to have this in your collection.