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Nö Class - Don’t You Worry About Us E.P.

Contra Records

Nö class are back! 2 years on from their sublime debut album ‘Painted In a Corner’ they have now just released their brilliant new single ‘Don’t You Worry About Us’ through Contra Records. The Melbourne based band play good old-fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll mixed with Punk, Oi! and Pub rock, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

The 4 tracks on ‘Don’t You Worry About Us’ carry on the high standard of their debut and every track is a foot-stomping classic that has been on my stereo non-stop for the last week and will be for some time to come. First up is ‘1981’, a cracking piece of Rock ‘n’ Roll with some great riffs and lyrics that are written and performed brilliantly. The title track comes next and just blows my mind, brilliant Rock ‘n’ Roll riffs, a great sing-along chorus and a piano part that just takes the song to another level making this an absolute killer anthem and easily my favourite track and the E.P.

 If the E.P. had stopped there I would have been happy, but Nö Class give us another 2 excellent tracks that shows that the band has a knack for writing killer songs. First up is ‘Knuckle Dragger’ which at just over 1.30 minutes is a fast-paced gem and has bit more of a punk edge than the previous 2 tracks. ‘Every Now And Then’ closes the E.P. in fine style with another slice punky rock ‘n’ roll that will no do get you stomping and singing along to in no time.

Well Nö have outdone themselves again with ‘Don’t You Worry About Us’ and have given us another excellent record that should be in everyone’s collection.