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Brutal Bravo/The Lads – Split 12”

Contra Records

Contra records have delivered an absolute gem of a release in this split featuring 2 of South Germany’s finest in Brutal Bravo and The Lads. Both bands delivered brilliant releases in 2019 and each gives us 3 new tracks that are full of rage, power, and bags of passion.

Brutal Bravo are first up following up 2 brilliant sold-out EPs with 3 absolute killer anthems that prove that they are one of the best new bands on the scene. First up is ‘The Last One Of Your Kind' which kicks off with a nice little riff before ripping into a powerful sing-along gem that kicks the EP off brilliantly. ‘I Drink Alone’ is next, a powerful and ferocious anthem and is an absolute killer track that I just can’t get enough of. For me, Brutal Bravo have saved the best until last with the excellent Boot-boy track ‘No Ballads in Oi! a brilliant song that will no doubt get you stomping along to.

The Lads are next up and follow lasts years excellent debut ‘Counterculture’ with 3 more ferocious anthems that are a pleasure to listen to. At the time of writing this review, the band announced on their Facebook page that they have split up. This is a real shame but what a way to sign out by giving us 3 killer tracks of authentic German Oi!. ‘Social State' is first up, a fast-paced gem that is both powerful and melodic and is guaranteed to get you singing along. The band continues the excellent start with the sublime ‘Ideology', a well-written track that is delivered brilliantly and has an absolute killer chorus. The Lads bring this fine EP to a close with ‘Courtroom Song', an angry yet still melodic earworm that I just can’t get enough of and have had on repeat for the last half an hour.

Contra has given us an incredible EP by 2 excellent bands that deserves to be in everybody's record collection.