Smeekered – Sportland

Scotland has produced some decent bands over the last few years such as Brassknuckle, Control and Half Charge to name a few and we can now add Smeekered to the list. Hailing from Ayrshire the 5-piece play tough-sounding street punk covering working-class themes with a big dollop of humour which makes for a good listen. ‘Sportland’ is the band’s debut album is available from their Bandcamp page.

Will the band win a prize for originality? Probably not but what they do they do well, playing fairly basic street punk without pretending to be anything else and without any bullshit and it works brilliantly. The 13 tracks on ‘Sportland’ are well-written, mid-tempo and have an early 80’s punk feel to them which I really like. For me, the highlights from this decent first effort are ‘Jakeballs & Jezebells’, ‘Project the Greedy’, ‘Jomo Sapian’ and the excellent ‘Hidden Agenda’ which is probably my favourite track on the album.

All in all, Smeekered have given us a good debut album which is well worth checking out and I’m looking forward to what the band give us next.