Rare Breed – Britain’s Fucked E.P

Scotland has given us another great punk band this time in the form of street punks Rare Breed. Hailing from Glenrothes and Dundee the 4 piece of Magill (Vocals), Steve (guitar), Derek (Bass) and Mark (drums) are a fairly new band and play 80’s style Oi! influenced by the likes of The Business, 4-Skins and Blitz which they play to brilliantly. The band quickly went into the studio to record their debut E.P. ‘Britain’s Fucked’ which available now from their Bandcamp page.

The 6 original tracks on ‘Britain’s Fucked’ are all well-written and could well have come straight out of the 80’s both in musicality and subject of the lyrics.  The E.P. gets off to a great start with ‘Independence’ before giving us the excellent tracks like ‘Back In The Day’, ‘Prey Oan Yer Ane’, ‘Angry Voices’ and ‘Mr Polis’. For me though the title track is the best song on this fine debut, a brilliantly written track, with a sing-along chorus, and lyrics that I’m sure most people would agree with. Rare Breed have given us some brilliant original songs on ‘Britain’s Fucked’ but end it with their excellent take on the Oppressed’s ‘Work Together’.

I’m really looking forward to what comes next from this band and will definitely be keeping a close eye on them. If you like 80’s style Oi! then do yourselves a favour and check this band out.