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The Roadblocks – Troubled Times

Mad Butcher Records

I often browse Bandcamp looking for new bands to review and it was on one of these occasions that I came across The Roadblocks and was immediately impressed that I ordered their debut album on the spot. Hailing from Ludwigsburg, Germany the 4-piece formed in 2016 featuring Chris(guitar/vocals), Tom(guitar/vocals), Kev(bass/vocals) and Dennis (drums) and play loud, simple and honest street punk and I love it. The band’s first output was 2018’s demo EP ‘Lost In The City’ and have just followed that up with the brilliant ‘Troubled Times’ which is available through Germany’s Mad Butcher Records.

The 13 tracks on ‘Troubled Times’ are all melodic sing-alongs with Chris, Tom and Kev sharing lead vocal duties and their sound reminds me a bit of Booze and Glory, The Drowns and even some Social Distortion. The album gets off to an incredible start with ‘Invincible’, a catchy sing-along gem about the scene and music that we all love and features guest vocals from T.J. McFaull from the Barstool Preachers.

The band has set the bar high with such a good opener, but the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint as they deliver anthem after anthem making this one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in ages. What I really like about the album is that with 3 lead vocalists it keeps the sounds fresh and adds to the incredible sound they create. There are so many highlights on ‘Trouble Times’ including ‘Have You Ever’, ‘Pack Of Wolves’, ‘Forever’, ‘Simple Melodies’ and the brilliant final track ‘Survivor’.

The Roadblocks have given us a brilliant debut album that deserves to be listened to. If you like catchy and melodic street punk, you need this album in your collection. ‘Trouble Times’ is 40 minutes of pure joy and will be on my turntable for some time to come.