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The Elite – Reason For My Sin E.P

Contra Records & Insurgence Records.

The Elite are a new 3 piece Oi! band hailing from Buffalo, NY featuring Nick Terlecky (vocals & guitar), Mason Hutchins (Bass) and Eric Ellman (Drums) and they have just released their debut E.P ‘Reason For My Sin’. The 3-piece mix Oi! and Hardcore to create an aggressive sound that is both melodic and uncompromising and the 4 tracks on they have given us on here are nothing short of brilliant.

Kicking off with ‘You Are The Fool’ the band have set the standard high with this gem of a song that’s full of killer riffs, great melodies and lyrics that are snarled brilliantly by Nick and is probably my favourite track. The title track is next up, a cracking 2-minute song that is full of aggression, heavy guitars and leads brilliantly to ‘Bleed’, a great little track with a hardcore edge to it that makes for a great listen. The E.P. comes to an end with ‘Crisis’ which was originally released on the band’s 2018 digital demo and is an absolute killer track that brings ‘Reason For My Sin’ to an end brilliantly.

All in all, The Elite have delivered an impressive debut and if you like bands such as No time, Legion 76, Brutal Bravo and Anti-Heroes you need to add this to your collection.