DeeCRACKS – Serious Issues

Pirates Press Records

In a year that has been bad for so many reasons, the one thing that’s guaranteed to get us through these tough times is putting on a record and forgetting about all the shit that is happening in the world. So, when the new album by Austrian Punks DeeCRACKS, the aptly titled ‘Serious Issues’ came through the mail this is exactly what I did and for the next 29 minutes, I was lost in a world of fast and furious melodic punk rock at its absolute best.

The 3-piece of Matt (vocals/guitar), Paul (bass/vocals) and Mike (drums/vocals) took advantage of not being able to tour to get back into the studio to record the follow up to 2018’s ‘Sonic Delusions’ with a superb collection of riff-laden and catchy anthems that their fans will love and I’m sure will gain them some new ones.

There is more to the DeeCracks than just playing fast punk rock and ‘Serious Issues’ highlights this with brilliantly written and relatable lyrics as well as blending in other genres without sounding cheesy. This is evident with ‘Desert Storm Surf’ and ‘The Ambient Shake’ both of which are surf rock instrumentals, while tracks like ‘Lost in the Middle and the excellent ‘A Night Like This’ have a 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll feel to them.

I have to say that ‘Serious Issues’ really is an excellent record from start to finish with no bad track in sight. As well the above tracks my highlights include ‘The Samurai Challenge’, ‘Don’t Throw it Away’, ‘Not Today, ‘Another Day’ and the brilliant ‘Don’t Turn Your Heart Off’.

If you like bands like the Ramones, Bouncing Souls, Teenage Bottlerocket and Screeching Weasel I highly recommend that you check this album out. You won’t be disappointed!