Live By The Sword – Exploring Soldiers Rise

Rebellion Records

3 years on since the release of their self-titled mini-LP, Live By The Sword are about to release ‘Exploring Soldiers Rise’ which can only be described as a masterpiece. The Dutch-American outfit of Erick Barnes(Vocals), Wouter Davids(Guitar), Freek de Greef(Bass) and Daan Plasmeijer(Drums) have really outdone themselves with the 8 tracks on ‘Exploring Soldiers Rise’ which mixes metal and punk influences that make them stand out from other bands on the scene. The sound that Live By The Sword create really is something else that is dark, atmospheric with heavy riffs and is by far their best material to date

There really isn’t anything I don’t like about this album from the stunning artwork which is in keeping with the atmospheric feel of the music to the to the well-crafted songs that any band would have been proud to have written. The title track kicks the album off, and it definitely sets a high standard for the rest of the album. The track is 4 and a half minutes of brilliance with dark riffs going through it which gives a heavy metal feel which compliments the lyrics which are delivered brilliantly.

The band have really upped their game since their debut and for me musically and lyrically this is a more accomplished album. All songs on ‘Exploring Soldiers Rise’ are excellent and ‘A Glorious Iron Blaze’, ‘Into a New Dark Age’, ‘The Inevitable Fall’ and ‘Scars of the Ages’ are just some of the highlights. If I had to pick a favourite track I would have to go for ‘The Great Mountain’, a fast-paced song with catchy riffs that will get your foot stomping along to in no time. Just brilliant!

Live By The Sword have kicked off the be on my stereo for some time to new year brilliantly by releasing a work of pure genius which will come.