Mad Mulligans – Who Are The Mad Mulligans?

Rotten Bastard Records and Dammit Records

The Mad Mulligans are a new band from New York that plays traditional Punk and Oi! and recently dropped their debut album which available to download for free via their Bandcamp page. The band members of Johnny Kray, Albee Damned, Wynn Skism and Rich Obrien are all veterans of the NYC Punk and Hardcore scene and joined forces to create a decent debut which is influenced by the likes of Sham 69, The Business, The Cockney Rejects and Blitz.

The 7 tracks on ‘Who Are The Mad Mulligans’ have an early 80’s sound to them but what I like most is how the band mix things up with all the band members sharing lead vocal duties and also stylistically, as I can here elements of that classic Punk Sound, Oi!  and even a bit of Surf Punk.

If I am being completely honest, I wasn’t completely convinced by all the tracks at first but after a few listens they just seem to get better each time I listen to them and there isn’t a song I don’t like, and this album has been a regular on my stereo for the last week or so. For me the highlights are ‘Knock One Back’, ‘Bricks and Batteries’, ‘Life Just Ain’t Workin’ Out’ and ‘Boop Boop Dittum Dattum Wattum Choo’.

This is a decent debut and is well worth checking them out.