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Rise Up – Death is at Your Door

On the first listen to ‘Death is at Your Door you would be forgiven if you thought that this was a lost release from 1982 as this is pure no-nonsense Oi! at its absolute best. The band behind this release are Rise Up, a young 5-piece band that features Joe Worthington (Vocals), Tommy Jacks (Bass), Jacko Jackson (Guitar), Shane Davis (Guitar) and Shaun Salmon (Drums) who play fast in your face Oi! and I absolutely love it. Sound-wise I can hear elements of older bands like Combat 84, One Way System and Broken Bones as well as the likes of B-Squadron whose members Travis & Max help these lads out and make an appearance on the E.P.

The thing I find fascinating about Rise Up is that vocalist Joe and bassist Tommy are both teenagers, so instead of wasting their time playing computer games or listening to shit chart music like other kids their age they decided to form a band that is influenced by music from nearly 40 years ago. Don’t think for a minute though that these lads are just a copycat band as they have taken their influences and made it sound original and for me, more importantly, it sounds fresh.

The 4 original tracks on ‘Death is at Your Door’ are solid, well-written and delivered brilliantly with great riffs, driving bass and growling vocals throughout. ‘Social Reject’, ‘Death is at Your Door’ and ‘Rise Up’ are all cracking songs but for me opener ‘Fraudulent Associate’ is the pick of the bunch. For the final track, the band give us their take on ‘Poseur’ by Combat 84 and what a version it is and closes this impressive debut brilliantly.

Rise Up are definitely a band for the future and one I will be keeping a close eye on. If they are this good already imagine how good they will be in a couple of years time.