Sadness & Complete Disappointment – Fun E.P

Self Released

Having grown up with the Indie rock and Grunge scenes of the early 90’s I still have a love of the music from that era. These days I tend to listen mostly to Punk, Oi! and Hardcore but it was a nice surprise when ‘Fun’, the debut E.P by Sadness & Complete Disappointment dropped into my inbox.

The Midlands trio of Esme (drums & lead vocals), Bek/Beka (bass & vocals) and Kit (drums) formed through self-doubt and abject misery which is evident on all the tracks on ‘Fun’. The band found inspiration from the likes of Sonic Youth, Hole, Placebo and Smashing Pumpkins again which can be heard on the E.P.

The 4 tracks of ‘Monotony, ‘Oh, Rapture!’, ‘Survivor’s Guilt’ and ‘Status’ are bleak and spooky Grunge, but they are all beautiful at the same time. I have listened to this E.P several times now and I have to say that this is a brilliant release and one I will be listening for some time to come.