Shit or Bust – The Working Class…But Working Sucks! E.P

Shit or Bust are a new streetpunk band from Magdeburg, Germany, other than that I don’t have any other details about the band. What I can tell you is that they play catchy as hell working class skinhead rock ‘n’ roll and have just recently released their debut E.P which is available to download on their Bandcamp page.

This band definitely has a knack for writing melodic streetpunk at it’s very best and the 5 tracks on ‘The Working Class…But Working Sucks!’ really are great songs that I guarantee will be stuck in your head for days on end. The E.P get off to a great start with the title track, a cracking song that we will all relatable which is played at relatively fast paced, has a great bass line and a brilliant sing-along chorus.

After a great start the band deliver anthems like ‘Your Boots’, ‘See You at the Bar’ and ‘We Call It…’ that are all brilliant songs that I’ve been singing-along to at the top of my voice. Listening to this E.P reminds we that we urgently need a return to live music because these songs live would sound amazing. ‘All or Nothing’ closes this excellent debut, a melodic song with a killer chorus and is easily my favourite track.

The only negative I have to say about ‘The Working Class…But Working Sucks!’ is that it leaves you wanting more so I can’t wait for their next release. Do yourselves a favour and head over to their Bandcamp page and check them out.