The Choice Few – One Way Streets

Rebellion Records & LSM Vinyl

Hailing from Vancouver Island, Canada, comes some new boot-boy sounds from The Choice Few who feature former members of No Heart, Thankless Graft, Last Crusade and Emergency. The 5-piece of Mike (vocals), Jon (rhythm guitar), Wizz (lead guitar), Jordy (bass) and Will (drums) got together in 2019 when the original members of No Heart added Wizz and Jon to their ranks and The Choice Few were born. The band mix pub rock, street rock and a dash of glam to create a sound that should appeal to punks, skins, mods, and glam rockers.

I have to say that ‘One Way Streets’ is a brilliant debut and is up there as being one of my favourite records of the year so far. The band have created a sound that is tough as nails yet have bags of catchy melodies that are played with a clean guitar sound which I really like and is a nice change from bands that just crank up their distortion pedals.

The band had me hooked from the opener of ‘Out on a Tenner’ to the final track of ‘Lost Not Found’ and makes for 19 minutes of great listening and I can guarantee that if you buy this record it will be on your turntable constantly. There really isn’t a bad track on this record but my highlights include ‘Monotony’, ‘Ain’t Got a Clue, ‘Start Anew’ and the band’s take on ‘Nobody Loves Me by The Letters.

The only negative I have about this album is that I didn’t want it to end so I am already looking forward to what this band do next.